Dear Visitor,

I would like to recommend you the services of Szalajka Guesthouse (9 Kertalja Street, Szilvásvárad) and Szalajka Hotel (2 Egri Street) as perfect destinations for class excursions.

Our classy and comfortable guesthouse and restaurant expects students, families and companies of friends all year round, for both 1-2-night excursions and longer camps or family gatherings

Our offer: accommodation: guesthouse: 160.000 HUF/night (suitable for 33 persons)

Main building: 19 persons, 120 000 HUF/night, (rooms with  2- 3-4 beds).

Layout of main building:

  • downstairs: 6 persons, 56.000 HUF/night, from 2 nights 54.000 HUF / night (2 bedrooms, 2 and 4 bedded, a big living-room, a kitchen, a dining-room, a bathroom, covered balcony, WiFi connection and TV. The price includes bedlinen and a towel.)
  • upstairs: 13 persons, 75.000 HUF / night (1 room with 4 beds, 1 room with 3 beds, 3 double rooms plus 3 bathrooms.

Small house: 14 persons, 73.000 HUF / night
( 2 rooms with 3 beds, 2 rooms with 4 beds, 2 bathrooms, a big living-room, a kitchen and a dining-room.)

Extra beds can be asked for, at the cost of 2.500 HUF / person, tourist tax above the age of 18: 400 HUF / person / night. The price does not include bedlinen and towels.

You can ask for bedlinen for 800 HUF / piece (paid once, regardless of the number of nights spent at the accommodation).

In the yard there is a fireplace to use for barbecues or outdoor cooking.

If our offer raised your attention, please send us an e-mail or give us a phone call on the following number: +36 20 3238815

Best regards: Dorosné Sersztnyev Aida


  1. French toast, tea
  2. Cold cuts, cheese, cocoa, rolls
  3. Frankfurthers, mustard, ketchup
  4. Scrambled eggs, tea
  5. Bakery products, cocoa

Main meals:

RFor lunch we offer:

  1. Vegetable cream soup
    Chichen paprika with noodles
  2. Goulash soup
    Soft sweet bun with jam
  3. Tomato soup
    Breaded chicken, mixed garnish
  4. Broth
    Meat and rice
  5. Broth with noodles
    Turkey stew with cream and noodles
  6. Chicken ragout soup
    Milk rice with fruits
  7. Meat soup with vegetables

For dinner we offer:

  1. Brassói pork stew with peas and French fries
  2. Breaded cheese with rice and vegetables
  3. Pizza
  4. Layered potatoes
  5. Vegetable dish with peas with meatloaf
  6. Potato stew
  7. 7. Breaded meat with mixed garnish

Please choose the same for all the group from the menu!