Szalajka Inn and Restaurant Szilvásvárad


The singing bowl treatment – or acoustic massage – is a pleasant and gentle, at the same time fine and safe method which has a positive effect on both our body and our soul.

Whether it is a singing bowl treatment for a group or a purposeful treatment, the positive outcome will definitely arrive, as after a complete relaxation and recreation self-healing procedures begin.

Individual treatment: 60 minutes: 5.000 HUF

Treatment for two persons: 60 minutes: 6.000 HUF

Group therapy: 60 minutes: 2.500 HUF / person / night, from 3 to 5 people (depending on the given space)

Singing bowls for children: a special activity for kids (on request)

35 minutes: playing and relaxation: 2.500 HUF / person (Together with a parent: 5.000 HUF)